The company was founded in 1969 under the name “Blosi Sante” and shortly later became “Blosi Sante and Son” in Reda di Faenza (RA).

The first production was of trailed platforms for fruit harvesting, but already in 1971 was developed the first self-propelled machine.

In 1976, when the production of the picking platforms had already started and the company was in full swing, the son Natalino, who had taken over the company for several years, moved the production in the new factory of Russi (RA), where still now the company is operating. The building is of 2000 square meter on a lot of 4300 square meter.

It’s in this period that the company is expanding its market area and begins to export. In the year 1980 the first machine was sold in France and the brand N. BLOSI (which stays for Natalino Blosi) begins to become synonymous of quality also outside Italy.

Thanks to the efficiency of the equipment, recognized by professional growers, as well as the careful after sale service provided, in a short time the company became an industry leader.

Since the foundation of our company, the production of picking platforms has been increasing constantly over the years, thanks also to the use of the latest the technologies and highest quality materials.

Currently our technical department is equipped with two 3D CAD workstations and, from more than 40 years, we can count on a qualified team for planning, designing and building our high-quality equipment.

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