Moving machines

Motorised and towed fruit harvester for fruit groves: harvesting – thinning out – pruning – work on hail protection netting.

Our products include motorised fruit harvesters and trailers. The motorised machines can be provided with accessories and motorised in different ways according to the needs, habit and preferences of the operators.

Use of the motorised fruit harvester for all harvesting and maintenance work in espalier fruit groves and work has become a consolidated trend over the last 35 years.

Today these machines, with accessories to a greater or lesser extent, are used by the majority of farmers that produce fruit in rows or espaliers of high or low dimensions (apples, pears, plums, damsons, apricots, kiwis, peaches, etc.).

It is the versatility of use that has determined its success over the years. Although these machines are designed to lighten and speed up the harvesting of fruit in bins or single crates, accessories can be attached for all the maintenance work in the fruit grove such as pruning and thinning out, and they are indispensable convenient platforms or moving elevated platforms when it is necessary to work on hail protection netting.

Our philosophy has always been to manufacture reliable long-lasting machines with the latest technology and our machines have always met this standard.
The various models that we produce adapt easily to all crops and each user’s needs and harvesting methods.

From time to time used machines are also available.