Harvesting Conveyor
Harvesting Conveyor
Harvesting Conveyor

Harvesting Conveyor

kit for picking platforms mod. EIN, ZIP25, ZIP30


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quick conversion to platform’s usual set-up for orchard works
  • 1 mt. minimum height from ground, alike our standard platforms
  • Fruit drop into the bins is performed through a totating disk, liki in fruit processing warehouses. This system treats gently the fruits and prevents from bruises and damages. Furthermore, it is a less bulky then bin’s rotation
  • Wide and cowfortable working area on the sides of upper conveyors
  • Safe and easy access to the platform
  • Bin’s height on rear forklift is automatically controlled according to the working area’s position, whose height can vary during the harvest, subject to the operator’s needs
  • Automatic bin saturation stop as well as automatic repositioning delivery on new empty bin
  • Possibility of separate / manual movimentation of the whole conveyor system
  • Emergency stop devices for working safe and in compliance with current legislation