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Moving machines Zip 25 / Zip 30

Zip 25
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Diesel Motor
Lombardini LDW 1003 HP 21/24
Perkins 403D-11 HP28
Perkins 404D-15 HP35

Hydrostatic on 2 or 4 wheels
On request: hydraulic motor with variable cylinder capacity electrically controlled

2 gears + neutral in central posotion - electrical control from control panel

with hydraulic power steering on the front wheels
- Indipendent steering on the rear wheels (only 4 WD)
- with 3 position selector indipendent and/or combined on request

min 0 km/h
max 15 km/h

hydraulic on the rear wheels-parking/negative brake
on 4 wheels-on request: (hydraulic brakes in 4 wheels)

Fruit collector
One central collector with idraulic lift
(available size and vertical lift rails can be seen in the diagrams shown below)
Detachable footguard.

Front lift
Hydraulic lift for loading crates up to 500 kg capacity

Rear lift
Hydraulic motor for unloading crates up to 500 kg capacity

Roller rails for crates
On the platform with space for 2 crates
Length 335 cm. ZIP 25
Length 385 cm. ZIP 30

Pruning equipment:
C.500/C.600 lt compressor - electromagnetic coupling, control on panel

Total capacity of the machine: 13,200 lbs